Vendor Payments

Vendor Payments

The Vendor Payments Module processes purchase order and non-purchase order payments, handles refunds, accepts credit memos, and allows voided and manual checks. One entry of a transaction automatically prepares the checks and check register while updating the budget, general ledger, and vendor records.


  • On-line editing of transactions
  • Select payments of invoices by: Due Date, Fund, Vendor, Checking Account ID, Entry Date, User ID
  • Select posting of transactions by: Due Date, Fund, User ID, Checking Account ID
  • Calculate cash payment requirements by: Fund, Period
  • Post partial payments to open purchase order file
  • Provide up-to-date information on each vendor
  • Automatically enter recurring fixed amount and prorated payments
  • Post to prior year fields of the financial management summary record
  • Check invoice numbers, by vendor, to eliminate duplicate payments
  • Provide dual vendor addresses - Order From and Remit To
  • Alphanumeric vendor identification field
  • Flag vouchers that exceed budgeted amount
  • Track 1099 payments by voucher record
  • User-defined accounts payable check formats

Standard Reports:

  • Vendor List
  • Invoice Posting Report
  • Vendor Labels
  • Invoice Proof Report
  • 1099 Forms
  • Detail Transaction Report
  • Checks
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Check Register
  • Monthly Check Register