Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Module utilizes a customer master and service master file to generate standard and miscellaneous charges and record receipt of payments. Additionally, all payments, standard charges, penalties, late charges, taxes, and deposits automatically post to the general ledger and revenue accounts. 


  • Allows unlimited number of user-defined services and meters per customer
  • Allows standard charges to be created by selective groupings
  • Provides detailed history of customer transactions
  • Calculates units used based on fixed amount, per unit rates and usage tables
  • Allows meter readings to be changed after they have been entered
  • Handles cash basis and accrual methods of revenues
  • Has notes for each customer and service
  • Tracks deposits and can automatically create deposit refund check
  • Prints multiple utilities on one bill(mailer/statement)
  • Interfaces with hand held meter reading units and allows on screen changes
  • Tracks past due amounts
  • Allows for different rates, independent of route and district
  • Handles flat and average amount paid over a certain number of billing periods
  • Allows for direct drafting of customer accounts and electronic payments
  • Allows for payments from banks and other collection companies
  • Has a customer add function for easy setup of new customers, based on templates
  • Allows for one-time miscellaneous charges
  • Bills printable for a selected group of utility types, routes and districts
  • When closing account, allows entry of final meter reading and applying of the deposit

Standard Reports:

  • Transaction Report
  • Meter Reading Route Sheet
  • Aged Balance Report
  • Delinquent Account Reports
  • Usage Report
  • Penalties/Charges/Receipt Journals
  • Deposit Reports
  • Connect/Disconnect Lists
  • Billing Register
  • Mailing Labels
  • Over/Under Report
  • Dunning Letters Report/Mail Merge