Substitute Management

The Substitute Management Module manages the detailed information for substitute employees. It allows great flexibility in managing substitutes. User-defined detailed formulas calculate substitute pay rates. Define the account code impacted by substitute labor and benefits to default to all or parts of the absent employee record. The Substitute Master file tracks how often a substitute accepts or rejects work for each employee. The module integrates with the Leave, Employee Absentee and Payroll modules for efficient processing of substitute labor. The Contact Substitute Process provides lists of preferred substitutes based upon the employee absent and other user defined criteria.


  • Interfaces with the Payroll Module to provide substitute pay information

  • Assign substitutes by specific employee/job and automatically charge the appropriate expenditure account

  • Availability of all substitute information for the current payroll cycle

  • Define substitute qualifications

  • User defined leave description on payroll checks

  • Integrates with 3rd party sub-contact products

  • Controls available restricting where and for whom a substitute may work

  • Enter Substitute information by remote sites or by central office staff

  • Detailed information on each substitute transaction

  • Detailed information about each substitute including:

  • Dates Worked

  • Dates Rejected

  • Units Worked

  • Units Rejected

  • Calculate earnings for each assignment

  • Substitute transaction records stay on file until purged