Position Tracking

The Position Tracking Module functions in connection with the Payroll, Personnel, Applicant Management and Budget Preparation modules. It allows for an unlimited number of user-defined Positions, which are in turn assigned to employees to identify their position(s) within the organization. Positions can be defined to include the work location (department), supervisor, classification, category and many other settings to enable easy and accurate reporting. Additionally, the budgetary expenditure account code(s) can be assigned to each position enabling consistent and accurate accounting. Positions are also used for recruiting purposes; requirements to be considered for each position and responsibilities associated with each position can be assigned. Vacancies can be tracked along with applicants for each position.

Another core function maintained within the Position Tracking module is the method of payment for employee jobs. All types of pay frequencies can be maintained (monthly, semi-monthly, annually, etc). Various payment methods such as salary, hourly, daily, etc. are defined here including the ability to maintain user-defined wage scales. Can also track contract months, contract days and hours per day as applicable for each employment classification.


  • Unlimited number of user-defined Positions
  • Manage allowed, filled and available FTEs per position
  • Track employees assigned to each position
  • Maintain vacancy and applicant history by position
  • Define requirements and responsibilities for each position
  • Assign unlimited number of budgetary account codes to each position
  • Maintain all types of pay frequencies
  • Track contract months and contract days
  • Establish user-defined wage scales
  • Allows multiple pay frequencies