The Personnel Module maintains all basic demographic data for each employee including addresses, phone numbers, birth date, gender, ethnicity, social security number, emergency contact information and employment status. Additionally, employee data including education, certifications, skills, dependents and workers comp/medical history can be tracked. The Personnel Module integrates with the Payroll, Position Tracking, Applicant Management, Leave Management, Employee Absentee, and Budget Preparation modules. All information related to an employee, including their jobs, deductions, employer-paid benefits and leave records can be accessed through the Personnel module.


  • Choice of user-defined alpha-numeric Personnel ID or automatically assigned employee ID numbers
  • Track current employment status along with status changes
  • Maintain date of hire, adjusted date of employment, termination date, etc.
  • Record user-defined events for employees as needed
  • Track certifications and/or endorsements
  • Maintain education records including institution, major and minor
  • Track dependent information, including eligibility for insurance
  • Maintain workers comp and other medical history
  • Track employment related documents that have, or have not, been received
  • Streamlined approach to adding new employees, including their jobs, deductions and leave