OpenRDA for K12

With OpenRDA there's no need to work late nights or long hours pulling together reports for the next school board meeting. 

OpenRDA has the ability to hold a variety of information types, including your financial data, scans, pictures, and the forms you use the most. And we've designed it for easy customization and fast reporting. Our customers tell us that with OpenRDA, they compare and share information in ways they were never able to before. 

You never have to go at it alone. Our knowledgeable, friendly technical support is available within whether you email, use the cyber-support that is part of the software or pick up the phone. And we stay with you until your question is answered. 

You can expect updates at least twice a year, and as often as four times a year. Even better, because new features are suggested by customers like you, they are designed to make your job easier.