Occupational Tax

The Occupational Tax Module assists you in managing the collection of Occupational Taxes in accordance with the state/local law. This system manages the complete tax cycle from calculating the tax to processing the receipts. This module also manages the billing, collection and licensing of insurance companies writing premiums in a city or country. 


  • Allows rate code structure for fees to be based on multiple criteria
  1. Per Employee
  2. Gross Receipts
  3. Profitability Ratio
  4. Professional Flat Rate
  5. Apply penalties and interest at time of payment
  • On-screen inquiry allows you to display company name and address, account number, current charges, previous year charges, list of transactions and account balance. 
  • Maintain an unlimited number of pre-loaded SIC codes and profit ratios per SIC
  • Automatically maintain history on a business when business ID is changed
  • Calculates taxes in accordance with state law relative to occupational taxes
  • Manages the collection of tax payments, including cash drawer management
  • Automatically updates the general ledger and revenue accounts as payments are processed
  • Interface with third party address files (911 or real estate) to verify business location and address information (are they really located in the city limits or in the unincorporated area?)
  • Powerful Report Generator enables you to access relevant data as needed for ad hoc reporting.  Easy to use formats allow you to readily customize reports
  • Supports custom designed license/statement/renewal forms including laser and color printing   

Standard Reports:

  • Business Registration
  • Statements
  • Renewal Notices
  • Transaction Reports
  • Business Reports
  • Accounting Reports

In addition, User Defined Reports are available using the Report Generator.