Miscellaneous Billing

The Miscellaneous Billing Module manages the detailed information associated with recording, tracking, calculating, and printing miscellaneous bills. It allows for great flexibilty in managing billing information. Seamless integration with the Financial Management, Bank Reconciliation, Collections, and Budget Preparation Modules ensures data consistency. User-defined tables, expressions, and formulas process supplements, unique bills, or charges. The system provides a powerful editor that simplifies the task of editing individual records such as change of mailing address.


  • Powerful on-line editor updates billing data on-line
  • Print detail and summary reports on demand
  • User-defined codes and classifications simplify your data management
  • Automatically compute bill amounts, late payment penalties, and simple interest due
  • Access information via billing ID, customer name, customer location, or other user-defined criteria
  • Track unlimited number of information years for review and analysis
  • Create and maintain detailed records for each transaction including: Billing ID, Owner, Transaction Date, Charge Amount, Payment Amount.

Standard Reports:

  • Billing Master
  • Summary Reports
  • Delinquent Report
  • Billing Type Report
  • Audit Trails
  • Late Payment Notifications