Leave Management

The Leave Management module provides the ability to track earned and used leave time based on the organization's policies. Unlimited number of user-defined leave descriptions can be maintained. The amount to dock an employee's pay can be calculated, when available leave has been exceeded, and reduce the employee's gross pay on the next payroll. For School Districts, leave used can be entered in connection with the substitute employee. The Leave Module integrates with the Payroll, Position Tracking, Personnel, Employee Absentee, and Substitute Management modules.


  • Allows for unlimited user-defined leave descriptions
  • Leave earned can be applied at any frequency such as annually, monthly, or per pay period
  • Tables can be created for leave earned based on longevity
  • Automatic docking of employee's pay when available leave balance exceeded
  • Calculations of leave liability can be performed for year end audit
  • Ability to record detailed information for FMLA requests
  • Track participation in a Sick Leave Bank
  • Automatically cap and/or move leave balances at year end
  • Leave can optionally appear on pay stubs