Fixed Assets

The Fixed Asset Module enables you to monitor the acqusition, transfer, and deletion of multiple categories of fixed assets. it reduces administrative activities by providing immediate access to information through OpenRDA's on-line features. It improves the tracking and location of assets due to immediately available records. In addition, the module provides greater control and management of aging assets through total line tracking.


  • On-line entry of additions, transfers and deletions of assets
  • User-defined assets, locations, categories, codes and descriptions
  • Interface with the Purchase Orders  and Requisitions allows assets to be tagged at acquisition
  • Vendor Payments, and Financial Management Modules
  • Print Fixed Asset listings by class, locations and other formats
  • Maintains the following data(and more) on each recorded asset: 
    • Property Control Number
    • Serial Number
    • Classification Code
    • Model Number
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Date of Acquisition
    • Date of Disposal
    • Manner of Disposal
    • Useful Life
    • Item Description
    • Item Location
    • Acqusition Cost
    • User-Defined Fund Source
    • Method of Acquisiton