Financial Management

The Financial Management Module offers a complete range of accounting and reporting capabilities to help you manage all your accounting activities - Expenditures, Encumbrances, Revenues, Estimated Revenues, and the General Ledger. 

With OpenRDA, all subsystems automatically update the general ledger. In addition, you can use the journal entry to enter transactions into the general ledger. 


  • Accommodates unlimited number of funds each with their own balance sheet. 
  • Automatically encumbers and disencumbers transactions
  • Open and close accounts automatically at year-end
  • Handle two closeouts at year-end, one for cash and one for accruals. 
  • Unlimited user designed account code structures by fund
  • Alter the account code without re-entry of data
  • Interface with other Xpert modules to provide instant & automatic updates.
  • Handle both modified and full accrual accounting methods
  • Process activity for future months/years before closing current month/year
  • Accounting and reporting for an unlimited number of years simultaneously
  • Selectively close fiscal year by fund
  • Monitor over expendture of budget at time of input
  • Maintain active and inactive accounts. 
  • Enter recurring fixed amount and prorated journal entries automatically. 
  • Transfer budget information to the Budget Preparation Module
  • Associate a budget manager with accounts. 

Standard Reports:

  • Trial Balance
  • Revenue Budget Report
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Detail General Ledger
  • Journal Entry Report
  • Detail Expenditure Report
  • Receipt Entry Report
  • Detail Revenue Report
  • Expenditure Budget Report
  • State Defined Annual Financial Reports
  • Financial Status Reports
  • Budget Status Reports