Employee Application Management

The Employee Application Management Module manages the complete hiring cycle. With this module you can collect necessary information for evaulating, selecting, and hiring an employee. Design hiring workflow systems for efficient use of management's time. You can track applicant demographic and skill information. Records of each interview are stored for online for review and analysis. Applicants can even apply for multiple positions.


  • Supports a user defined interview process and sequence
  • Collect applications online 
  • Vacant position requirements can be automatically matched to applicant and existing employee skills for determining qualified applicants.
  • Supports a paperless hiring process.
  • Applicants can fill out on-line forms, reducing staff data entry
  • Applicant pool can include existing employees
  • Can automatically create user-defined notices to applicants
  • User designed data base tracks all relevant applicant information
  • Accounts for vacancies and supports unlimited vacancy types
  • Automatically creates vacancy when employee is terminated
  • User defined purges to manage data files
  • Track termination process including exit interviews
  • Supports electronic transfer of employee and applicant data
  • Tracks prior employment information
  • Applicant information is available on-line for remote viewing and interviews
  • Maintain reference responses on-line
  • Gathers all necessary data for one-click setup in Payroll and Personnel when a candidate is hired