Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation Module handles receipts, manual and computer generated checks, along with miscellaneous service charges. It also provides the capability of reconciling deposits and checks cleared for both accounts payable and payroll. 


  • Ability to set up multiple bank accounts for each fund
  • Carry over ending balance as beginning balance for next month
  • Reconcile computer-generated checks, manually-entered checks, and voided checks for both accounts payable and payroll
  • Range on check number to automatically clear group of checks
  • Automatically pull up next available check/deposit number
  • Add, change, and delete checks and deposits
  • Enter miscellaneous service charges
  • Track returned and redeposited checks
  • Send cleared checks to history file
  • Provide history of bank transactions for each account
  • Provide both cleared and outstanding balances for checks, deposits and service charges
  • List bank transactions for user-defined period of time
  • List cleared checks and deposits for a user-defined period for each bank
  • List outstanding checks and deposits for a user-defined period for each bank

Standard Reports

  • Outstanding checks List
  • Deposits List
  • Cleared Check List
  • Account Balances Report
  • Transaction History Report